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October 30th-31st 2019


The kick-off meeting which was held in Florence between October 30th and 31st 2019, has determined the official opening of this project. During the meeting, the project has been illustrated through a detailed working plan, the intellectual targets and results, the communication and spreading plan, and the plan for monitoring and evaluation. During the meeting, the economic and financial rules for proper management of the Erasmus co-financing were presented. In this occasion the positions, the deadlines and the tasks to be reached were highlighted. A specific moment was dedicated to clear up doubts and misunderstandings.


October 31st 2019


The press conference for the launch of the Project Health Care Clown Pathways was held on October 31st 2019 in the headquarters of the Tuscany Regional Council in Florence, in the presence of radio and televition reporters, a representative of the “Associazione internazionale American International League of Florence ONLUS (AILO)”, a proponent of “Ospedale Pediatrico Meyer di Firenze”, some representative of senior citizen residences, a proponent of H-CRIN+ European network of university researcher and of EFHCO – The organization of the Healthcare Clown European Federation.

All the Project partners attending illustrated their own organization and the reasons of their involvement in the project. The President of the Tuscany Regional Council Eugenio Giani has reaffirmed the relevance of the project’s aim to obtain the recognition and the European title of the new professional Healthcare Clown  figure, an expert that attend in hospitals and the sociomedical structures to support children, elderly and adults with mental and physical disabilities.

The participants were in total 68, of which, partners excluded, 40 were Italian and 14 foreign.


December 2nd-6th 2019


The Short-term joint staff training event was held in Paris from December 2nd till December 6th 2019. The French association Le Rire Médecin has led the training. This association has achieved, unique instance in Europe, the professional position of “Comédien(ne)-clown en établissement de soins”, approved by the French Government and corresponding to the 3rd level of the EQF System (European Qualifications Framework). One or two members of each partner have participated at the training. The topics covered were: the French background, how to arrive to obtain the Professional Position, which are the aims of the qualifying path, the length, formative results, pedagogic methodologies and materials and certification process. During these formation days, each partners has shared, based on the general context illustrated by Rire Médicin, the reality of every single country and fundamental points were defined which will be the object of the following Guide Lines (IO1) and methodological Framework (IO2).