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The positive experience of the HCCP Project, at its natural end, and the years of the Covid pandemic, have generated the conception of the new VHC Project, funded by the Erasmus+ 2022 Program.

Virtual Healthcare Clown project is a Cooperation Partnership in the field of Vocational Education and Training aimed at producing a digitally focused syllabus and co-designed procedures, tools and competences in order to adapt “Healthcare Clowns” Organisations in Europe to the needs and conditions of the labour market and to increase attractiveness of VET.

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The “Health Care Clown Pathways” project is a Strategic Partnership supporting the innovation in the Educational and Vocational Training Sector (VET).

This project has been created for the importance of the professional role of the Healthcare Clown professional in the performing arts, aimed at assist and relieve the patients’ anxiety and fear, especially children and elders, in the healthcare institutions and social care services. This project has born to provide for this gap in the training sector.

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News & Events

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Italian Healthcare Clown's Pathway is ready to start

The training course will start on November 25th.

234 hours: 162 class + 72 stage.

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The kick-off meeting which was held in Florence between October 30th and 31st 2019, has determined the official opening of this project.


Final Event
in Florence

The final event tooks place in Florence on 26 March 2022 with the Italian partners in presence and the foreign partners connected online.

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Staff Training in Paris

The Short-term joint staff training event was held in Paris from December 2nd till December 6th 2019. The French association Le Rire Médecin has led the training.


Press Conference

The press conference for the launch of the Project Health Care Clown Pathways was held on October 31st 2019 in the headquarters of the Tuscany Regional Council in Florence, in presence of the reporters, radio and televisions

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